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Connect your customers with confidence

Reliable & Fast

Reliable, fast and high-quality connectivity solutions to keep your customers connected.

Easy Ordering & Faster Set Up

Easy ordering and easier and faster installation ensures your customers are up and running in next a no time.

Future Proof your Business

Moving to a full fibre connection means you won't need to upgrade your broadband connection again.

Voiceflex Business Connect

Voiceflex Business Connect has three main products groups, leased lines are an additional service which is provided separately.

Fibre to the Premise

Business Connect Fibre to the Premises (BCFTTP) is a fibre connection from the exchange into a business or home. It offers higher broadband speeds from 40/10 to 1000/220 to premises in areas that have been enabled for FTTP. The service doesn’t require an analogue telephone line.

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Business Connect Single order Generic Ethernet Access (BCSoGEA) provides internet connectivity without an analogue telephone line and quicker and easier installation to get connected and be up and running. SoGEA will be the prominent service for the majority of the UK.

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Fibre to the Cabinet

Business Connect Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is an alternative technology launched in 2010 and is still very current. It is slower compared to FTTP as the fibre cables from the local exchange stop at the street cabinet. From here copper cabling is used. This service requires an analogue line.

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Reliable Connectivity

Business Connect from Voiceflex is a range of reliable connectivity products. The internet service which can be provisioned is dependent on your location and is therefore worth checking pre your 12-month renewal to ascertain if your area has been upgraded.

Our aim is to make life as easy as possible via automation. Our dedicated portal provides the complete journey from address checking, order provision, to fault checking.

Benefit from L2TP Connection

We run a L2TP which in basic terms means it allows us to assign a Voiceflex IP address to your customer’s access services. Having a Voiceflex IP address and being on our network shortens the route between your customers and our core network allowing us to offer the best possible service.

  • Added security and peace of mind from L2TP
  • Reliability thanks to our geo-redundant core network
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Availability Checker

Find out what's available in your customers area

Why Voiceflex

Voiceflex has been an Internet Service Provider (ISP) since 2008 and data connectivity has always been and will always be at the epicentre of everything we do. SIP Trunking and hosted telephony have always relied on good quality internet, enhanced by interconnected circuits between ISPs and cloud service providers. With an ever-increasing use of UC&C and cloud-based applications, our reliability on quality internet service provision continues to increase.

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The Benefits

UK & Global Connectivity

Single point of contact, deliver voice and data on the same network connection. Scale it up and down to meet your needs.

L2TP - Direct Connection

Better connectivity into our core network. Calls directed to our L2TP connection allows us to deliver the best possible service.

Easy Ordering & Set Up

Easy to order via our portal and quicker to install. Get your customers up and running faster.

Complete Control

Have the choice to order with or without a router - plus have the service managed or manage it yourselves.

One Service Provider

End-to-end service from provisioning to set up from one service provider. In the event of a fault you have one call to make.

Proactive Support

Dedicated account managers and first-line technical support to ensure seamless service transition.

PSTN Switch Off

The analogue telephone line which underpins 90% of broadband connections in the UK will be withdrawn in 2025.

The need to change to a service that is not underpinned by an analogue telephone line is real. Openreach’s full fibre network is arriving quickly with an additional 220 stop-sell coming into effect by October 2021 and in September 2023 a National WLR stop sell. The move to all IP will impact everyone.

If your customer needs a single voice service to replace the analogue voice service, My IP Voice is what they need. For more information on My IP Voice, visit

How it works today

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How it will work from 2023

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Make the Move

2025 might seem a long way off and so decide to wait and see but change must happen, it is not a question of if but when. Now is the time for everyone to start. You should be speaking with our customers to advise them on how best to navigate the situation, if you aren’t having that conversation then someone else will be.

Voiceflex Connectivity Products

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.