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Broadband without a phone line


Simplify your infrastructure, one provider for all your needs.


Fast and high-quality connectivity with download bandwidth of up to 330Mbs.

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What is SoGEA?

Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) provides internet connectivity without an analogue telephone line. Previously users would have had to pay for voice services and broadband services, but not any more.

Voiceflex SoGEA

With the looming ISDN / PSTN stop-sell and switch off, SoGEA embraces new technology allowing you to assist your customers to future proof their business and transition to IP services.

  • Added security and peace of mind from L2TP
  • Reliability thanks to our geo-redundant core network
  • Easy ordering and simple set up
  • Quick fix time in the event of a fault

Use our availability checker to find out if SoGEA is available in your customers area.

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The Benefits

Single order for broadband

Ultrafast speeds - 0.5/0.5 to 330/50

Resilience & Future proofing

Reduced costs

Facilitate hybrid / remote working

Simple ordering and fast & easy installation

Quicker support & fix times

Seamless transition to all-IP

Don’t Lose your Voice

The drawback to SoGEA is that it does not allow users to connect a traditional phone line. Any business or consumer that uses an analogue line and wants to continue to receive and make calls will need to be prepared and have a VoIP application.

My IP Voice

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With continued stop-sell and the switch off of the ISDN and PSTN network everyone will have to switch to all-IP based services.

SoGEA and FTTC are very similar. SoGEA is essentially FTTC but without voice services.

SoGEA offers high-speed connectivity, but it will depend on your location. The speed will be dependent on how far you are from the street cabinet.

SoGEA only offers a broadband data service, anyone who communicates with customers & suppliers, takes orders, reservations, or has security or lift alarms linked to a phone line will need a voice service.

Voiceflex SoGEA

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.