Keeping you informed of any data breach your business protected you one step ahead of cyber criminals you informed of any data breach

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Informed. Empowered. Secured

Knowledge is Power

Know if your company's sensitive information has been found out.

Take Action

Instantly take action if you know a problem exists.

Safe & Secure

We actively scan & monitor the Dark Web to protect your business.

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Are your Business Credentials Safe?

22 billion new data records were added to the Dark Web in 2020 and this number is rising. Did you know that when staff use their work email on third party websites, it increases your risk and makes your business vulnerable to a potential data breach? Plus, many people use the same password whether it be for their network login, emails, social media and online banking therefore increasing the possible damage from one compromised credential.

Protect your Business

We continuously scan and monitor the dark web to detect any leaked or stolen sensitive information such as emails and passwords. We will inform your customers about the information that's been found so they can take action to stay safe and protect themselves from cyber threats.

  • Immediate notification if your business data is found on the dark web
  • Alerts about any data breaches and other vulnerabilities
  • Manage and take action on any risks before they become serious

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Are you exposed on the Dark Web?

Protect your business from the potential damage of data breaches and cyber threats

The Benefits

Early Detection

We continuously scan the depths of the dark web and private forums for threats to your business.

Immediate Notification

If sensitive business information has been exposed, we alert you straight away so you can take action.

Mitigate Cyber Threats

Get visibility of compromised credentials & exposure incidents so you can mitigate any threats before they become a problem.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor staff email addresses, usernames & passwords to prevent data breaches and cyber threats and crime before it happens.

Prevent Further Breaches

By taking instant action gives cyber criminals less time to use your sensitive information and prevents further data leaks.

Safe & Secure

Extensive reporting capabilities allows us to monitor, track and inform you about what data is at risk and what to do.

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Cyber criminals sell information and credentials across the dark web.

There are many methods that cyber criminals use. A common method is by sending phishing emails that imitate legitimate emails in an attempt to gain confidential information.

The company's identity and information is at risk. Exposed credentials increases your risk to the potential damage of cyber threats and attacks.

Any business data that has been compromised can be used for criminal activity such as data breaches or identity theft. The risks are real and can have runious consequences.

Safeflex is a dark web monitoring tool that scans the dark web and private forums providing visibility and detection of any compromised information allowing company's to take action and to prevent anything happening in the future.

Protect your business with Safeflex

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