Voiceflex Flow

Deliver a full, flexible UCaaS platform real-time self administration through one interface all voice and collaboration from one single platform a full, flexible UCaaS platform

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A full & flexible UCaaS platform

Efficient Call Distribution

Quickly route calls to the right person. Greater team productivity. Better customer experience.

Accessible Anywhere

Maximise productivity by enabling staff to work from anywhere efficiently and effectively.

Less Admin. Better Control

A self service admin portal to manage users, licenses, costs, and security through one interface.

Stay in touch any way you choose

Any device, any platform. Regardless of where a call happens - over mobile, PSTN, the internet or Microsoft Teams - the experience and features are the same. Fully engage with colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime, anyway you want. It’s your call.

  • Cross platform support including Microsoft Teams.
  • Sophisticated, flexible, secure cloud PBX solution in one platform.

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Stay in touch any way you choose Voiceflex Flow Image
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One self-service admin hub

One admin portal for reporting and cost control. One app for staff to collaborate and manage communication features. Reporting, cost control and transparency, plus greater security and stability for reduced risk. A DIY portal for both IT admins and end-users makes it easy.

  • Role-based access puts control in the hands of the right people.
  • Setup a new PBX in hours not weeks.
  • Reset passwords and port numbers - all in just a few clicks.

Enhancing Communications

Interact across different communication channels from one platform. You choose, it's your call!

The Benefits

Happy Customers

Stay in touch and engage with customers and colleagues quickly and simply, from anywhere and from any device.

Increased Flexibility

Sophisticated features and UC functionality without hefty initial and ongoing costs. A system that grows with your business.

Reassign Licenses

Add, remove, or transfer licenses when needed. Quick and simple. Plus keep track of unused licenses with automatic notifications.

Easy Self-Service Control

Through one admin interface quickly and easily manage and configure your telephony solution and customer service environment.

Easier PBX

Setup a PBX in hours not weeks. Admins can create, change and delete PBX services themselves, reducing the need for experts.

Unified Services

Full UC platform for telephony, meetings, messaging, presence, mobility and more from one single hub.

Intelligent Features

PBX functionalities and rich insights to improve customer satisfaction. Get the very most from every call, and let colleagues know when you're available.

Smarter Routing

Skill-based routing intelligently pairs the customer with the right person/dept. Automatically route customers by using data from CRM systems.

Integrate with MS Teams

Effective communication with telephony in Microsoft Teams. Control profiles directly within Teams, access incoming call lists, recordings, look-up, and voicemails.

Connecting systems and workflows Voiceflex Flow Image

Connecting systems and workflows

Voiceflex Flow integrates with multiple systems, combining the power of existing tech stack with the simplicity of a single hub. Integrated with many applications including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Google Workspace
  • Hubspot
  • BankID

Voiceflex Flow

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