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Deliver QR codes for easy, simple calling flexibility calls over GSM or WebRTC easy, simple calling

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Create a scan to call QR code

Fast & Simple

Instantly create a scan to call QR code to automatically activate the desired phone call.

Instant Direct Calling

Making it easy for customers to instantly initiate a call to the right person or department.

Calls over WebRTC

Have the choice as our scan to call QR codes can leverage WebRTC or go over GSM.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device. When a QR code is scanned, the QR reader in your device’s camera deciphers the code, and triggers an action. Enable customers to be immediately directed to information, a web page or to a desired number.

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Turn Numbers into QR Codes

With our scan to call solution simply create direct-dial QR codes either via WebRTC or GSM taking the caller directly through to the relevant person, saving them time and avoiding frustration.

  • No more difficulties finding the correct phone number to speak to an agent
  • Enable customers to immediately place a call to the right number
  • Eliminate the need to divert calls via a receptionist or operator

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The Benefits

Calls over WebRTC

Integrated with WebRTC technology, the solution is designed to make online communications seamless and reliable.

Increased Flexibility

With WebRTC plus with the ability to connect the QR code with any sim carrier, the solution guarantees flexibility.

Connect to the right number

Control the destination of the call. Enable existing and potential customers to scan and make a call.

Increased satisfaction

By enabling customers to call your clients directly increases conversations, leads and customer satisfaction.

Be unique

Many customers prefer to speak to a person. Connecting customers with a real person will differentiate you from the competition.

Route to various phone numbers

If you have a Voiceflex phone number, the call can be routed from anywhere in the world.

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Show More Key Benefits
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Make it Easy to Call You

The world is moving online, which means not only has connectivity been rapidly improving, but customers are increasingly using the internet to find a product. This makes calling over the internet the easiest way for a customer to connect. Have the capability to initiate a call from any web page, email, social media post, billboard or leaflet.

Voiceflex Scan to Call

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.