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Enable real time customer interactions

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer saves time and no longer needs to listen to lengthy, complex automated attended menus.

Instant Connection

Create an easy and instant way for customers to call from a webpage, email or media post in one click.

Rapid Set Up

Use self-service portal and in less than an hour be up and running with menus loaded ready to answer customer calls.

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What is WebRTC?

WebRTC allows website visitors to make a free call from any part of the world from any web-enabled device. This technology can be easily installed on any website embedded in a Click to Call button. Visitors simply click the button, and a call is immediately forwarded to a landline, mobile phone, WebRTC virtual phone or a SIP server.

Why Have It?

A website or app may provide useful information, but sometimes, customers want to speak with a person. Voiceflex Visual Auto Attendant allows the transition from a webpage visit to a real-time communications experience to be seamless.

  • Click to Connect capability from any web page, email, media post
  • No need to listen to complex automated attended menus
  • Instantly connect customers to the right person or department
  • Add voice calling from a browser

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The Benefits

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create an easy and instant way for customers to contact a live person from any webpage or email in one click.

Simple & Seamless Set Up

Simply embed our JavaScript code to activate and enable a call via any web-enabled device.

Free Calls

Provide free calls to your client’s customers. Calls are delivered via our network as a SIP call.

Self-Provision & Easy Management

Drag and drop functionality allows simple set up and activation of interactive directories in minutes.

Increase Outbound Calls

Allow staff to make outbound calls immediately from a browser, webpage, CRM and emails.

Customised Call Directories

Create customised menu options and any number of submenu layers and menu trees in minutes.

Voiceflex WebRTC

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.