Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Enabling Teams to be your phone system make hybrid working easier make and receive calls be your phone system

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Seamless communication & collaboration

Reliable & Scalable

Get all your voice calls by connecting Voiceflex SIP Trunks to Teams & keep your existing numbers.

Flexibility for Remote Workforce

Make and receive calls in Teams from any device; mobile, desk phone or laptop regardless of your location.

Unified Communications

Unify your communications: video, meetings & file sharing with inbound and outbound calls in Microsoft Teams.

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What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing allows businesses to make, receive and transfer calls to and from Teams like a traditional PBX system using SIP trunks to route the calls.

Teams as a Phone System

Direct Routing lets customers retain their existing PSTN or SIP Trunks but also gives the choice to connect Teams to a variety of telephony providers to route inbound and outbound phone calls in Teams. By connecting to Voiceflex SIP Trunks ensures your customers have reliable voice services together with improved flexibility and support.

  • Resilient voice services
  • Flexible & cost-effective alternative to Teams Calling Plans
  • Not sure about migrating, simultaneously deliver calls to both Teams and existing telephony applications

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Make hybrid working easier

Chat, meetings, file sharing and calls with Microsoft Teams

The Benefits

Unify your Communications

Bring together your internal and external communications; phone calls, video, chat, file & screen sharing into one application.


Voiceflex direct routing delivery method is the same as your present SIP or PSTN provider and not per user.

Save Time & Money

Get a more cost-effective option to Microsoft Calling Plans with a number of different commercial options to meet your needs.

Seamless Migration

Teams may not meet all requirements from day one. We simultaneously deliver calls to both Teams and your telephony application providing the best of both worlds.

Hassle Free Number Porting

Keep existing numbers together with any new ones. Our dedicated provisioning team will look after the process making it hassle free.

Future Proof your Business

PSTN services will be turned off in 2025, all businesses will have to move to a SIP Trunk based telephone application or hosted telephone application.

Resilient Network

Utilising our network using geo-redundant data centres and AWS cloud hosting ensures the highest levels of reliability.

Facilitate a Global Workforce

Teams is the go-to collaboration tool, make it easy for customers to connect wherever they are.

Built-in Fraud Detection

By default, we turn on fraud detection for all services. Providing timely response and notification to fraud attempts.

How does Direct Routing work?

Direct Routing works by connecting Microsoft Teams to the PSTN by using a Session Border Controller and SIP Trunks.

Direct Routing how it works

Whether your customer is already using Microsoft Teams internally, migrating from an alternative phone system, or isn't quite ready to fully migrate to Microsoft Teams, we provide various options. Ensure your customer can benefit from the flexibility and the power of Microsoft Teams and Direct Routing.

Voiceflex Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.