Failover & Disaster Recovery

We ensure your customers stay connected it’s business as usual automatic failover your customers stay connected

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No single point of failure

Assured Business Continuity

Backup to ensure minimal downtime in the event of any type of disruption.

Eliminate Risk

A dedicated connection that ensures reliability and security.

Business as Usual

If your PBX doesn’t respond calls will be re-routed to an alternative number or PBX.

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Voiceflex Automatic Failover

We offer a range of failover options for single site and dual site applications. If your PBX doesn't respond or register regularly we will automatically route calls to your backup PBX enabling no single point of failure.

  • If your customer has 100 DDI numbers we can route each individual number to a different number.
  • Continuous monitoring of the connection from our data centres to telephony applications.
  • Failover is provided at SIP accounts level and not the number level.
  • Network topology, 3 data centres in different locations are dually linked to each other.

Disaster Recovery vs Failover

Disaster Recovery is the process of resuming normal operations following a disaster by regaining access to data, hardware, software, networking equipment, power, and connectivity. Failover is an operational backup approach that automatically and transparently switches from the failed primary system or down system to the standby PBX, database, server, or network.

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Want resilient voice services?

99.99% uptime, we keep your customers connected

The Benefits

Find out that your PBX is down before your customers do

Monitoring and recovering from a number of voice issues can easily be setup on the Voiceflex portal

Minimise any impact with automatic redirection of DDI numbers to your backup system, application

Quick and easy redirection of DDI numbers via the Voiceflex Portal

Failover options for dual site applications

Peace of mind of a reliable & resilient core network

Voiceflex Failover & Disaster Recovery

You are not committing to any services, just starting the process.