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Connecting customers with WhatsApp

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to communicate via their preferred channel. Enable business conversations with WhatsApp.

Expand your Reach

Drive engagement, know your message's been read, automate replies. Deliver a rich personalised message experience.

Streamline Processes

Shared team inbox. Use WhatsApp to easily handle queries & promote meaningful conversations.

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Enhancing Communications

Voiceflex OmniChat delivers a fully managed, GDPR compliant and a centralised WhatsApp business messaging solution. Enable your customers to do things in WhatsApp they never thought was possible.

Empowering Teams

Enhance communications and customer experience by giving your customers the tools to have dynamic and richer communications with customers using WhatsApp, an environment that they're already familiar with.

  • Communicate at scale - send messages & alerts to numerous contacts at once
  • Send & view images, video, documents and chat delivering a personalised experience
  • See if messages have been delivered & read
  • Accelerate communications with automation & integrations

Improve your customer's engagement and brand recall with OmniChat.

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Drive Dynamic Engagement

Use our WhatsApp business messaging solution

Key Benefits

Drive sales, support and marketing conversations on the World's most popular messaging app.

Expand your Reach

Users are easy to reach. Enable customers to initiate chats via website, forms, social media. Handle every message with a live agent or automated response via chatbot.

Higher Engagement

Shared team inboxes for visibility. Use conversations to deliver a personal touch - send & receive rich media documents, URLs, images & video.


Enable the prequalification of leads. Automatically route enquiries to the right team for faster response. Easily manage out of hours requests.

Integrate CRM

Deliver a centralised approach. Enable Sales & Service to see historical chats to engage productively & professionally.

Integrate your Phone System

Unanswered calls can automatically be turned into WhatsApp chats to ensure a call isn't missed and leads aren't lost.

Encryption & GDPR Compliance

End-to-end encryption. Everything shared is encrypted to ensure sensitive information provided is safe & secure.

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Send Rich Notifications & Alerts

Enable your customers to communicate with their customers using WhatsApp at scale. Send media rich messages, notifications and alerts in an effective and personalised way.

  • Order confirmation & delivery updates
  • Reminders including appointments, deadlines, payments
  • Service interruptions
  • Travel updates
  • IT maintenance or alerts
  • Product sales or launches
  • Account updates

Voiceflex OmniChat

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