New Voiceflex Webinars

3rd November 2021

New Voiceflex Webinars image
3rd November 2021

New Voiceflex Webinars

Following your requests and just in case you missed any of our webinars we have a number of sessions running over the next couple of months.

If interested, please follow the links to register.

Portal Training

Friday 5th November, 10.00 am - Register Me

Thursday 13th January, 10.00 am - Register Me

Get an insight into the wealth of features our portal offers. We will guide you through the functions from when you first sign in, giving you tips on features you may or may not know about.


International Numbers / SIP

Monday 15th November, 10.30 am - Register Me

As the world gets smaller International Numbers and SIP Trunks are a must. Voiceflex can provide both. This webinar will go through different options available. If you want to know more about International numbers & International SIP Trunks, this is a webinar not to be missed.


SoGEA & SoGEA Voice

Friday 10th December, 10.00 am - Register Me

SoGEA does not allow users to connect a traditional phone so anyone that uses a phone line and wants to continue to receive and make calls will need to be prepared and have a VoIP application.  SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement of your phone line.

Join us to find out more on: 

* Why customers are being forced to migrate to IP based services
* What are the options?
* What is SoGEA and the impact it has on customers and the channel
* How Voiceflex SoGEA, SoGEA Voice effectively addresses everyone's needs
* Voiceflex SoGEA Voice API
* Voiceflex broadband availability checker

To register simply click above or below on 'Register Me'

Friday 10th December, 10.00 am - Register Me



This webinar will give you an insight into WebRTC, what it's good for, why it's a popular technology and why it should be in your portfolio.

Friday 10th December, 12.00 pm - Register Me


If you're interested in attending any of the above, please follow the relevant webinar links.